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ToPELITE Academy is sponsored by TryoutPlayers - AI startup of the sports data market - and is supported by a multidisciplinary team in the areas of Sport and AI, focusing on the athlete's complete technical and tactical development.

PE Teacher &  Internacional Volleyball Coach with over 30 years' experience in the development of volleyball athletes in the Young and Junior Brazilian National Teams and in one of the most important Brazilian volleyball club (Minas Tenis Clube), where Sergio coached the Base and the Main Professional Team, being also the Chief of the Volleyball Office. At the hands of Sergio Veloso, several volleyball athletes were formed, coached and/or enhanced, between them:


  • 22 Olympic Medalists (11 men and 11 women), being 19 Golds (9 Golds among the men and 7 Golds among the women, of which 3 of them won Gold twice).

  • 23  World Medalists (12 men and 11 women), being 8 Golds among the men.

  • Dozens of Young and Junior World Champions.

Co-founder & Director of Sports at TryoutPlayers

Director & Head Coach of Volleyball at ToPELITE

Sergio Veloso


ToPELITE Volleyball Head Coach

Volleyball athlete with over 19 years' experience in court (1990-2009), 4 years of beach volleyball (2009-2013) and 5 years of indoor volleyball coaching since 2004.

Competing for Brazil at the 2000 Olympics Games in Sydney, Australia, Raquel won the bronze medal with the Women's National Team. She also claimed the gold medal at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnpeg and at the 2003 FIVB World Cup in Japan.

 Volleyball Coach at ToPELITE
Raquel Peluci Sidinger


ToPELITE Volleyball Coach

Chris is in his 20th year of coaching basketball and teaching Physical Education at Loveland High School. 


His teams have made the playoffs each year since he has been the coach. He currently has the most wins for a coach in school history. His teams also have records for most wins in a season and playoff appearances.


Coach Michael has also coached for Five Star Basketball for 14 years, he has put on clinics and camps all across the USA.​​

Member of Advisory Board at TryoutPlayers & ToPELITE

Director of Basketball & Head Coach at ToPELITE

Chris Michael


ToPELITE Basketball Head Coach

Passionate for entrepreneurship with over 15 years of experience in R&D, product development, supply chain and program management, Alessandro holds a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA and a Certificate of Management, Innovation and Technology from MIT.

He successfully led several complex global cross-functional programs in the Auto, Marine, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Aerospace industries.

Alessandro is recognized to have the unique ability to balance right brain and left brain thinking, allowing him to easily connect with both creative and technical professionals.

Chief Executive Officer at TryoutPlayers & ToPELITE
Alessandro Magrin


Entrepreneur in the IT sector and Electrical Engineer with over 25 years’ experience and entrepreneurship in the fields of Software Development and Information Services.


Guy Villela is Founder and CEO at Logue.tech (Innovation company that uses Advanced Data Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies), Co-Founder of deepask.com (Socioeconomic Big Data) and tanojuridico.com (Juridical AI Platform).

From system analyst and programmer to senior management positions, he has stood out since his early days for his entrepreneurship, new product creation, multidisciplinary group leading skills and leadership of complex global projects in the sectors of energy, water and infrastructure, health, finance, mining. 

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at TryoutPlayers & ToPELITE
Guy Villela


Dirk has been working with people for over 25 years as a lifeguard/swim instructor, a probation officer and most recently as a Realtor.


Dirk have excellent communication skills and a strong ethical drive to do what is in the best interest of the people he work with and/or for.

Member of Advisory Board at TryoutPlayers & ToPELITE
Timothy Dirk Kettelkamp

ToPELITE Member of Advisory

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